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Questions & Anwers

How far away are you from the historical center?

The center is within walking distance. With the bike you can be there in 10 minutes, on foot in about half an hour.

Do you have parking spaces?

No. But in our street you can park for free. If there is no room in the street, you can park in the next street. The entire neighborhood offers free parking.

Can we park our own bikes indoors?

We have space for own bikes or a motorbike. Electric bikes can be charged with us. We also rent out bikes.

Can we cook at the B&B?

The fire brigade does not allow cooking in the breakfast room. However, using the microwave and the kettle is allowed.

Can we smoke at the B&B?

Smoking is not allowed in our house.

At what time can we check in?

At the weekend the rooms are ready at 2PM, during the week at 5PM. If you arrive earlier, you can place the luggage inside already.

At what time should we leave the room at check out?

In order for us to prepare everything for the next guests, we would like to ask you to leave the room at 10:30AM. You can leave your luggage behind so that you can visit the city further.

How can we pay you?

We accept cash and all bank cards (debit and credit).

Can we bring our pet?

We only accept people as our guests. Due to possible allergic reactions we do not welcome pets.

I have a dust allergy. Can I get a good night’s sleep with you?

There is dust present in every house, but we try to limit it to a minimum. Our floor covering is linoleum and easy to maintain. Our duvets and pillows are anti-allergic.

We come from the country and do not like a busy city.

Sleeping in a city might result in more noise. Though we are not in the center and are located in a quiet residential area. It is not completely quiet, but you could be surprised to find how quiet it can be here.

Where can we buy the cuberdons?

We sell the cuberdons in bags of 200 grams. Other cuberdon products you can also buy from us at an attractive price. See also our web shop.

At what time can I have breakfast?

We agree at what time you would like to have breakfast. From 8:15AM we can serve freshly baked bread and cakes. Having breakfast before 8:15AM is possible, but then it will be prepared the night before.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Although this is not common in a B&B, but it can happen through force majeure, reservations can be canceled up to 48 hours prior, if not we will charge you the first night.

Can we contact you by phone?

Reservations and questions, we confirm and answer only by email. Future guests can always see our availability in our availability calendar; this can be found on the homepage of our website. The phone number on the website can for example be used to text a change in arrival time.

I would like to use my smartphone, laptop or iPad in my room.

Good. We offer free internet in the whole B&B.

I normally like finishing my day with a bit of TV watching.

In your room you can watch 70 channels in 9 different languages (Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew). There is also a radio function with several music channels.

I enjoy a cup of tea before I go to sleep.

That’s no problem! You can make tea in the guest kitchen all day.

I am less mobile. Is the room easy to reach?

Our rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floor (US 3rd and 4th floor). We don’t have a lift; just stairs from the 20s lead upstairs.

Do I need to bring my own hair dryer?

Not to worry, all rooms avail of a hair dryer.

I forgot my toothbrush.

If you forgot any toiletries, then we are happy to help out. We offer shower gel, shampoo and body lotion in the bathrooms. But we can also supply you with toothbrushes and even shoe polish cloths.

I got to know someone in Ghent. Can I bring this person to the room?

Unfortunately not. Due to the checks on the city tax and the (fire) safety we need to know who are present in our house. Even if it is just for a short time. There are plenty of places in our city where you can spend some quiet time alone.

Can I make use of the infrared sauna on my own?

Yes. For reasons of safety we will stay nearby. The use of the sauna is private. You do not share it with other guests. A session lasts about 1 hour.

What does the massage entail?

Jurgen followed a course in back massage. It is not a medical, but a relaxing massage. The relaxation lasts about 20 minutes. There will be calming music in the background and warm oils will be used of. A massage is ideal in combination with a visit to the infrared sauna, but this is not necessary.

I find protection of the environment important.

So do we! The water is heated by solar power. The roof and sides of the house are insulated. We separate our waste. The illumination of the house is done with led or energy saving lamps. Towels are not replaced until after the 2nd night, unless requested to be replaced sooner. This way, together with our guests, we contribute to the protection of our environment.


The location of our B&B offers a lot of advantages. 
You can reach the city center on foot in less than 
30 minutes and in only ten minutes by bike.

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9000 GHENT

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