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Our rooms

Nothing is more important in a B&B than a wonderful bed. This is something that we have taken to heart.

All rooms are equipped with two comfortable single (box spring) beds and anti-allergic bed linen. We have no carpets in the room, so that even with an allergy you can enjoy a good night’s rest without issues.

Comfort 1 or comfort 2, it’s your choice.
The quality remains the same.

The Flemish government gave us a guesthouse permit in the category ‘comfort’, which is something we are very proud of. And it shows.

We like paying attention to the smallest details even before you think of it yourself. If there are things that can be improved upon, we put our guests in a central role in order to give us the latest tips. That is why we always ask all our guests if everything is to their liking.

Each room has its own bathroom… That may seem obvious but for a house dating back to 1927 it is not. Now just enjoy it.

Did you know that when this house was built it only had 1 bathroom? Now you can take a shower in 5 bathrooms. Whether you like the massage setting or a rain shower… it is possible in Cuberdon B&B. The wonderful soft water is heated by the sun. And while you are in the shower, you can hear the music of one of our 10 themed radio stations.

And a hint of Italian design in natural colors among the sober birch furniture.

Did you notice the chairs and the headboards? Its lovely padding comes straight from Italy. Appearance matters, doesn’t it?

You will not want to skip our breakfast.

Breakfast is always included in the price and offers all kinds of sweet and savory delicacies. Every day we ensure some slight variation and our chocolate rolls are just delicious.

If you would prefer not to have breakfast, please contact us about a discount. We can also find a solution for specific food and dietary preferences.


The location of our B&B offers a lot of advantages. 
You can reach the city center on foot in less than 
30 minutes and in only ten minutes by bike.

Wolterslaan 76
9000 GHENT

[email protected]

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