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Together with our guests we put in efforts in order to reduce our energy use and waste and stimulate reuse where possible.

Our sanitary water is treated with care and filtered. The warm water comes from a solar water heater and is heated further with natural gas. All toilets have water saving flush options and our showers have water saving shower heads. We have no shortage of water, but please use it carefully.

The heating on natural gas is controlled based on the indoor and outdoor temperature. All rooms have thermostat valves. Additionally the house is well insulated, which reduces heat loss. This also increases the comfort level.

Through a balanced use of large packaging where possible and small packaging for hygienic of practical reasons, we can limit the amount of waste. The remaining waste is collected separately.

The sanitary water has been softened, so that we can use less detergent for cleaning and laundry. You can feel it when you take a shower as well. We would like to replace the towels if so desired at least every three days.

The location of our B&B is excellent for use of public transport and we have bicycles at your disposal. Our suppliers are near the B&B.


The location of our B&B offers a lot of advantages. 
You can reach the city center on foot in less than 
30 minutes and in only ten minutes by bike.

Wolterslaan 76
9000 GHENT

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